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Pandora Bell Tawny Port

Make your own Tawny Port Fudge.

For all its inhospitable coldness, the winter brings much redemption to its long dark nights. Much as we miss the sun, at Pandora Bell we do welcome the winter for its cosiness and indulgence and what could be cosier or more indulgent than sitting by a roaring fire nibbling Pandora Bell fudge and sipping a glass of port.

Port is a sweet, red, fortified wine from Portugal, commonly enjoyed as a dessert wine. There are several styles of Port, including red, white, rosé and Tawny Port. However, the two main varieties are Red and Tawny.

Red Port has berry and chocolate flavors. Among the Red Ports, are Ruby, which is the youngest and frutiest variety, Late-Bottled Vintage, and Vintage Port. Deep and sweet, like our award winner Hazelnut and Coffee Nougat covered in dark chocolate.

Tawny Port is the sweetest of all the ports. Aged in a barrel and with complex nut and caramel flavours. Tawny Port pairs beautifully with Pandora Bell Fudge as part of your after dinner selection to get you through the long winter nights.

Fudge and Tawny port are so perfect together you may want to try making your own homemade Tawny Port Fudge. Making fudge is rather a lenghty process that requires special equipment to bring the sugar to very high temperatures. However, we are bringing you a hack so you can make fudge at home in the microwave .

You will need.

400 grams of sugar

140 grams of Butter, cut in chunks

400 grams of condensed milk

1 tsp of vanilla extract

2tbsp Tawny port


Start by greasing a 2o cm square baking tin with baking parchment and set aside

Mix the sugar, condensed milk and butter and a pinch of salt in a large heatproof bowl. Allowing enough room for the mixture to double in size bubble up.

Place the mixture in the microwave on a high setting for ten minutes, stirring every few minutes. This mixture will be incredibly hot, handle with caution.

Stir the vanilla extract and Tawny Port into the mix and place back in the microwave at a high temperature for another two minutes.

Pour the mixture into the tin and set aside for an hour or until it is cool and firm to cut.


Alternatively, you can serve Pandora Bell premium quality fudge, traditionally made without any microwaves. We won’t tell if you don’t.



December 14th, 2017 | News,Uncategorized

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