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Pandora Bell Blackberry Blog

Pandora Bell Foraging for Blackberries

Pandora Bell’s earliest recorded diary entry is from early September in the 1920s.  She decided to jot down her thoughts and memories on her return to school that year.

“Today I made new friends at my new school – Beatrice, Florence and Catherine.  We walked home together along the city avenues and took a turn into the churchyard where we discovered the most amazing delights! 

We walked the lane to the graveyard, but it took us rather a long time as we picked and ate the most delicious juicy blackberries all the way.  I believe they are my favourite fruit. They have a deep ink sheen with purple highlights. They are succulent and soft, with a melting quality. Their flavouring is warmly sweet, slightly tart with earthy undertones.

I simply did not want to leave that hedgerow, but the girls convinced me that further delights lay in wait, so we climbed a stile beyond the graveyard to a hidden orchard.  Apples lay everywhere, nestled in the crisp russet leaves.  We filled our satchels with the windfalls as they may have gone to waste otherwise. 

I returned excitedly home to Mother with my bounty of fruit.  Alas, she was none too impressed with the tear in my petticoats, my messy hair and the mud on my shiny new school shoes.  However, when I showed her the apples, she embraced me warmly.  We shall make Apple & Ginger jam tomorrow!”

This early episode in Pandora Bell’s life clearly influenced the Natural Irish Sweet range, which are all inspired by the fruits of her early foraging exploits.  Blackberry & Champagne, Raspberry & Rose, Apple & Ginger, Rhubarb & Vanilla and Grapefruit & Mint.

The blackberry season is nearly upon us now, so here are some modern day tips for a successful day’s foraging:

  • Always only pick fruits that are fully ripe
  • Avoid picking from bushes near busy roads where car fumes can pollute the fruit.
  • Leave some for the birds – they like berries too!
  • Never pick berries on private property –  unless you have permission from the owner of course.
  • Take care when picking. Wear long sleeves and protective gloves because wild blackberry bushes have tougher branches and thorns than cultivated bushes.
  • Many’s the scratch you can attain in the quest for the ultimate berry!
August 30th, 2016 | News

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