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Champagne Nougat

Pandora Bell and Bubbly

At Pandora Bell we take every opportunity to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than pairing delicious Pandora Bell Orange Nougat with a glass of doux champagne. From the very sweet to the very dry, everybody loves a little champagne and it is based on its sweetness that champagne is categorised.


Sparkling wine is acidic, and for this reason sugar is added in order to reduce its inherent tartness. The process of sweetening champagne is called “dousage”, and consists on adding sugar or some grapes into the wine before corking the bottle. Over time, the different amounts of sugar added became the way in which champagne is categorised, and this is known as Brut, which differentiates all the seven varieties of sweetness, or lack of thereof.


  • Brut Nature is the zestiest or the most brut of the Champagnes. It barely has any sugar, ranging from zero to half a gram per glass. We personally like it a little sweeter, but the fact that this sharp and fresh champagne has barely any calories at all somehow redeems its tartness.


  • Extra Brut, it is a little less tart than Brut Nature, but still tart. It has a maximum of 1 gram of residual sugar per glass. Which is the equivalent to a sixth of a spoon.


  • Brut, still dry but perhaps not as lean. It has less than two grams of residual sugar per glass, which is about a quarter of a teaspoon per glass


  • Extra dry, is decreasing in tartness but it is still a dry wine with less than 2.8 gr of residual sugar per glass, which would be about three quarters of a teaspoon.


  • Dry, is verging on the medium, with 5.3 grs of residual sugar per glass, which is the equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar


  • Semi Dec is already on the fruity and sweet side of champagne with the equivalent of a spoon and a half per glass. Semi Dec Champagne can be paired with Pandora Bell. We personally like enjoy a glass of Semi Dec with our pistachio nougat.


  • Doux, is the sweetest of all champagnes and pairs really well with Pandora Bell Orange Nougat.



At Pandora Bell we believe that a little of what you like is good for you. Indulge a little on the best with the finest sparkling wine and the finest confectionery in the world. Cheers.




October 25th, 2017 | News,Uncategorized

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