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Great Taste 2018

Pandora Bell: Great Taste Awards 2018

For the third year in a row we find ourselves among the winners at the Prestigious Great Taste Awards.  Truly the pinnacle of success in our Industry, we are honoured and delighted to have our work acknowledged year after year by the Top Professionals in the Food World.

We can now officially use the title ‘Great Taste Producer’ which is reserved for Companies who have won for three years and is held in very high esteem.

Thank you Great Taste and The Guild of Fine Food x

Honey Nougat with Almonds and Pistachios: Winner of 2 Great Taste Stars in 2018
(Also winner of 2 Stars in 2016)

What the Judges Said: This tastes as good as it looks – the texture is excellent, there is a very good distribution of generously sized and well prepared nuts.The honey is there in the background but not overwhelming. We loved the

melt-in-the-mouth feel and the way all the flavours come through in a long sweet finish. This is made by someone who knows and cares about what they are doing!

A very even looking torrone with exceptional nuts. The soft chew, liked by some, is melting and giving. The nuts are the stars.

These are clearly good nuts, nicely toasted, and their flavour isn’t overwhelmed by sweetness. There is a pleasing hint of vanilla, underlined by honey sweetness. A well made nougat.

This looks most inviting, cuts beautifully, and has a most appealingly nutty aroma. The texture is fabulous – both of the base and of the nuts.

A really beautiful, presentation with very generous, well distributed fresh tasting nuts contrasting perfectly with the truly authentic tastes of a well produced natural honey.

The soft texture was a real treat for the mouth! An indulgent and truly delicious product.

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Classic Sweet Liquorice: Winner of 1 Great Taste Star in 2018

What the Judges Said: A great liquorice flavour with a good chewy texture. The liquorice is fresh and straightforward, and they’re not too sweet – very moreish.

Even little rolls of liquorice which take a while to melt and to release the distinct flavour of liquorice – very natural flavours, sweet but not overly sweet. With good texture and a lingering flavour on the palate – these are good little bites for liquorice lovers (which we are).

Gently flavoured to start, this grows in intensity as you chew. It isn’t too sweetened, nor overly flavoured, so the earthiness of flavour is what stays with you. The texture is pleasantly chewy, without being sticky or cloying.

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Real Fruit Jellies with 70% Fruit (Judged on Raspberry Flavour): Winner of 1 Great Taste Star in 2018

(Also winder of 1 Great Taste Star in 2017)

What the Judges Said: Lovely looking product, good evenly sized cubes…really very appealing. We felt that the product was a lovely balance of sweetness and not overly sweet, and delivered a good chew. We would maybe like to have had a bigger hit of raspberry as the description maybe over-promised that. However on balance we felt this deserved a star …an accomplished product.

Very attractive colour, deep ruby red. Melt in the mouth, but firm enough to dissolve slowly. Deep raspberry flavour, with a slight perfume. Jammy. No huge raspberry aroma. One of our judges would have preferred more acidity, the other liked the acidity it gave. This has split the judges! Made with skill – not over cooked.

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Other Pandora Bell Winners are:

Coffee Nougat with Hazelnuts in a Chocolate Coating: Winner of 1 Great Taste Star in 2017

Smoked Sweet Liquorice: Winner of 1 Great Taste Star in 2017

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