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Pandora Bell: A Nougat Love Affair

In the 1930’s Pandora Bell travelled Europe, getting inspiration for what would become the Pandora Bell Collection. On this journey she kept a diary.

“Today I shall travel by rail to Rome to meet one of the Farroni brothers who has promised to share their secret family recipe with me. I truly love Nougat and believe this may be the recipe I have been waiting to discover. Soft, delicate and nutty, the perfect combination for any treat. Wish me luck. As I see the rough outline of the city, my dreams of perfection are coming into focus.”

“I have found it, I have found the perfect nougat. I have been shown how to correctly pour the mixture and how to select the perfect honey. The Farroni’s are the epitome of sophistication and hard work. I may be persuaded to stay a while longer and bask in the heavenly sweet aromas of the Italy,” said Pandora Bell.

Pandora Bell Grand Tour

Nougat is made with honey, egg whites and nuts. The origins of Nougat are unknown as many countries claim to have created it. There are many different variations, but there is a recipe called Hulwa which is very similar to the nougat we know and love today. It was featured in a 15th-century Islamic cookbook ‘Ibn-Mabrad’.

There are many different variations of this delicate treat but at Pandora Bell, our favorite is Italian Torrone, which is produced in a hard and a soft form.

Its romantic story invites you to fall in love with the idea of it even before tasting a bite.

Italian Torrone is said to have been first created in Cremona, Lombardy for the wedding of respected aristocrats Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti in 1441. It was said to be molded into the shape of the bell tower of the local cathedral in Cremona, also known as the Torrazzo or Torrione. Which explains the origin of the name. The love story of this marriage is forever instilled in the Nougats history.

Still to this day in Cremona during the holiday season, many regions compete against one another to see who can make the longest Torrone: the most recent record was established by the town of Camerino, in the Marche region, which produced a single Torrone of almost 776 meters long. It is interesting to note that in southern Italy Torrone is available all the year around while in northern Italy it is seasonal.

At Pandora Bell we are proud to say that our soft Almond and Pistachio Nougat has been awarded Two Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2016.

Here is what the judges said:

….a very moreish, tasty nougat.

….A lovely blend of ingredients working in complete harmony.  Soft nutty, sweet, creamy – just ever so good.

…This is a most beautiful slab of nougat with nicely distributed nuts.

…The texture is divine, and the flavours heavenly, a lovely touch of honey and indeed the most delicious nuts.

…The cocoa butter is a clever inclusion, adding to the unctuousness.


Rich in history, full of flavour and a favourite in many cultures, Nougat in all it’s forms is a true culinary delight to explore.


August 9th, 2016 | News,Uncategorized

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