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Great Taste

The Great Taste Awards

Known as the ‘Oscars’ of the food and drinks industry, the Great Taste Awards recognise and celebrate the very best in food and drink.  The Awards are the stamp of excellence to which all gourmet food producers aspire.  They are the most coveted blind-tasted food awards globally, with over 10,000 products judged.

In 2016 Great Taste Awards, Pandora Bell’s Pistachio Nougat was selected as an Award winner. This year we had a further four products Awarded a Great Taste Star.

The Great Taste Awards judging panel includes fine food retailers, chefs, restaurant critics, food writers and other industry experts and each product that receives a star has been judged by at least three different judging panels. All tasting is blind ensuring that the quality of taste, flavour and texture are the only criteria taken into account.

Here is a Gallery of our winning products:

 Smoked Sweet Liquorice

WINNER Great Taste 2017
Pandora Bell Smoked Sweet Liquorice

A Scandinavian treat made with premium Persian liquorice root and traditionally smoked for three weeks to allow  its flavor to settle and develop.

What the judges said: “Little nuggets with an attractive sheen.  There’s a delightful depth of liquorice flavour to the little bullets.  There is a subtle level of alder wood which persists throughout.  A really enjoyable, slightly unusual take on liquorice.  It has a great balance of salt, sweetness and a gentle smokiness.”


Real Fruit Jellies

WINNER Great Taste 2017
Real Fruit Jellies with 70% Fruit Pulp

100% Vegan traditional Parisian Fruit pastille jelled with apple pectin. Made with 100% natural ingredients: fruit, a little sugar and a pinch of pectin.

What the judges said: “Attractive looking squares of fruit jelly.      The different fruit flavours are readily identifiable, and there is brightness to the fruit.  We enjoyed the absence of artifice; the finish was bright, clean, not in any way cloying.   The fruit flavour delivery is intense and compelling. The fruit flavour is fresh and not muddied with overcooking. We love the crunch of the sugar in contrast  to the smoothness of the jelly. Very well-made indeed. The fruit jelly is well set and well flavoured; soft but not sticky, sweet but also fruity – the natural fruit integrity does shine through.”


WINNER Great Taste 2017
Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel

Flavoursome traditional caramels, with a beautiful texture, and an intense flavour enhanced with Fleur de Sel.

What the judges said: “Delightfully textured caramels with good butteriness and a touch of salt.   Nicely made.  Good texture to these caramels that have a dark carmaelised flavour and a careful spike of salt.”


Dairy Free

WINNER Great Taste 2017
Coffee Nougat with Hazelnuts in a Chocolate Coating

Crunchy roasted hazelnuts suspended in light and delicate nougat in a dark chocolate coating.

What the judges said:
 “We love the flavour of the honey and the toasted nuts. The eat is nicely rich and flavoursome. The balance of the chocolate, honey and nuts is perfect.
The texture of the filling is delightful, with a lovely soft base contrasting with beautifully roasted crunchy nuts.  The honey is really delicious and entirely apt.  Wonderfully lingering flavours, and surprisingly not cloying, despite the sweetness.”


WINNER Great Taste 2016
Honey Nougat with Almonds and Pistachios

What the judges said: “A very moreish, tasty nougat.
  A lovely blend of ingredients working in complete harmony.  Soft nutty, sweet, creamy – just ever so good.
   This is a most beautiful slab of nougat with nicely distributed nuts. 
The texture is divine, and the flavours heavenly, a lovely touch of honey and indeed the most delicious nuts. 
 The cocoa butter is a clever inclusion, adding to the unctuousness.”


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