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Sweetness and Love

Sweetness and Love are always Connected

Pandora Bell stared out the window of the train a dreamy look in her eyes. Her mind was full of thoughts of love. A brief but intense liason in Venice earlier that week had left her reeling about the power of passion.


“Venice is a dream,” she thought. “It is no wonder that I was captivated by his glance. I felt like an actress in a movie, wandering through a living stage set. The sounds the smells the light, but also the tastes.”


Her mind kept returning to that final night as they walked hand in hand through the narrow city streets. They shared the little bottle of Raspberry & Rose sweets that Pandora Bell had brought from Ireland. The intense fresh sweetness bringing new magic to the canals, the carnivale, and the romance. Then they kissed goodbye and parted.


Back on the train, Pandora Bell, rested her head back on the seat, popped another Raspberry & Rose sweet into her mouth and sucked on it slowly relishing the memory of that perfect night.


Sweets are our passion here at Pandora Bell but we cant help wondering in the lead up to Valentines Day if there is a true connection between sweetness and romance or is it just a particularly lovely gifting idea.


Well, it seems that there are some actual facts to back up the fluttery feelings and their association with sugar. Here they are….


According to a study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, eating something sweet can lead to heightened feelings of romance. The researchers found that after getting a taste of sugar, participants who were single were more likely to envision more positive theoretical relationships. They were also more interested in starting something romantic if given a specific target.


In “Sweet Love: The Effects of Sweet Taste Experience on Romantic Perceptions,” the results showed that sweet taste and romantic perception are entwined — sensory experiences can affect how we view potential partners.


The age-old saying “love is sweet” actually rings true. Because of that deeply held perception, this study proposes that feelings of love can come from sweets.


The experiment had several components. In the first one, participants were given either cookies or, in the control group, salt-vinegar and crisps. They then evaluated either their current relationship if they were in one, or a hypothetical relationship with an imaginary other if they were still single. This experiment was then repeated, but with a sugary drink for one group and bottled water for the other.  Finally, participants were given more soda or distilled water and then asked to gauge romantic interest based on generic dating profiles.


Overall, people were more romantically inclined if they were in the group that had their sweet tooth treated. When talking about their made-up loves, the singles expressed that they’d be more satisfied and committed. The sugar also upped the singles’ interest in the people in the dating profiles and how attractive they thought they’d be.


As for those already in established relationships?  Eating something sweet didn’t have an effect on the perception of an already-existing love, unfortunately.

So, applying this Scientific Research to your Valentines Day this year.

If you are Single or in a new relationship. Sprinkle a little sugar on it…. It will most certainly give good results.

For those in relationships….. we would advise never to miss out on any excuse to treat yourself sweetly….




February 8th, 2017 | News

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