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Come with me and you will be in a World of Pure Creation

Our World

At Pandora Bell we have travelled wide, far and back in time to bring you the best of European confectionery. Delight your senses with the most delectable sweets to be found.

We only use premium quality ingredients: real butter, honey, whole nuts, fleur de sel from Guérande and fine dark chocolate.

We are faithful to master artisan centuries old recipes. The salted butter caramels are made in traditional copper cauldrons.  Our handmade lollipops and candy canes are stretched and rolled completely by hand.

Indulge in the magic of Pandora Bell and let us guide you into history, with the purity and delicacy of our gourmet sweets.


Pandora Bell

Pandora Bell House is situated outside the Georgian City of Limerick; where the Best of European Confectionery is fashioned by a dedicated team of gourmet food lovers with a sweet tooth and disposition.

At Pandora Bell we care: we care about the quality of our products, the happiness of our customers, and the world we live in. Our ethos is one of sustainability, which informs all our decisions as a business.

Profit driven economic pressure has contributed to mass produced low quality sweets; made with cheap ingredients and loaded with artificial flavours in order to reduce the costs.

At Pandora bell, however, we believe that less is more. so we will not compromise in either the quality of our products or our environmental standards.

In our range of Traditional Sweets all the colours and flavours are natural.  There are no Azo colours anywhere and as a result none of our products can cause behavioural problems in children.

Sustainability and Animal Welfare

We have no palm oil any where in our range.  We have even removed the RSPO Certified Palm oil that was originally in our nougat.

The eggshells used in our Real Eggshells with Praline Chocolate all come from Barn Hens – 100% cage free and fully traceable.

We are using Free Range Egg in our Honey Nougat.

Our Jellies are made with Real Fruit and contain NO gelatine.  There is no gelatine in the Pandora Bell range.

Our Community

Together with other small food producers in the area, we are working to promote our local area.  We have put in place a Code of Practice and a Quality Management System.  This takes its principles from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) system.

We support & liaise with local community initiatives and charities.  Recent partners have been The Irish Autism Society, Rape Crisis Midwest, Milford National School and the Daughters of Charity.